Self Care Android App

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Inspired by apps like Reflectly, I created an Android app simply named “Self Care” with a mission to help people with mental illness cope with difficult experiences.

The app opens with a view which prompts the user how they are feeling. The user can use a slider to select how well they’re feeling, then they can respond to the two mental health check-in prompts below. After that, there is a countdown timer for breathing. When 5 minutes passes, the breathing exercise is complete and the timer will turn green.

The results of the mood slider, text prompts, and breathing exercise can be saved by pressing the ‘Save Entry’ button on the main view. Then, when the user presses the ‘Past Entries’ button, they are taken to a view with a dropdown list of all their past saved entries references by the date and time they were created. The user can select each item and view their data for each entry.

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